An American Ambition Passed On

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Since the United States was founded, people have been swarming the country in search of some sort of freedom. Whether it is from religion, government, or class status as a result of a family name, people are determined to find the freedom they desire. As American people gained their freedom, more desires began to form. Instead of people thinking only of the bare necessities, goals were set along with the determination to see them through. Some wished to better the country, while others wished to better themselves. However, in my family history, the dream to write has been passed through the generations.
For over one hundred and fifty years after America was established, the country’s stock market crashed and left the economy in broken splinters. Society was falling apart as the people of the US were unable to meet both their family’s and their own necessities. My grandmother lived in the fallout of this age, where she had ten children and struggled to keep them fed. When she, as a child, and her family fled from Germany before the breakout of WWII, her dream was to make herself a successful female writer, and one of the first renowned authors in the states. But she pushed her desires aside to get on her feet again, became a model, and married a wealthy German doctor. She kept writing, however it was extremely limited as she began to have and raise a total of ten children. Her American dream was not fulfilled in the way that she intended, however at the end of her life she said that all her children kept her satisfied. My grandmother’s dream was not achieved, however it was passed onto her own daughter.
My mother, like my grandmother, is extremely creative and knows how to use the qualities she was born with. She was an adult du...

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...ambition, but now it has turned into my American dream.
Through my family’s lineage, the talent of writing has been bequeathed to my mother from my grandmother, and then given to me. I already know that like my mother and grandmother, I will also face difficulties as well as distractions. But unlike them, I live in the 21st century where equality is plentiful and individuality is encouraged. Society serves, for once, as a big motivation for those who wish to do something original in their life. A woman is no longer expected to simply cook dinner or have a few children and then be satisfied. In the US today, any person can become whatever they dream to be. And like any American, I plan to prove that my aspiration can and will come true. It may be a challenging task, but I know that I have two generations to support me in making my American dream finally fulfilled.
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