An Advertisement On Women And Violence

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In an advertisement published in Vogue Paris in February 2009, Steven Klein photographs fashion model Lara Stone in a manner that brought much controversy to the world about women and violence. In the photograph, a fashionably clad woman in lingerie is forcibly held down by a naked man, while a police officer poses suggestively on her legs and points a gun in her face. This advertisement seems excessively violent for a fashion magazine that young girls and the majority of the mainstream world idolize. By condoning and making the type of violence that is popular in fashion magazines ‘cool’, people begin to recreate the scenes in these photographs in real life because they are constantly exposed to it. Furthermore, this constant exposure to violence in all types of advertising minimizes the shock of brutality in the media, leading to less backlash from a population who is used to women being objectified in advertising, and less recognition of those who suffer in cases of domestic abuse. Because of the insane amount of blatant sexual violence in advertising, America has become increasingly desensitized to the ever growing amount of domestic violence. It has become a common occurrence to see women being violently mistreated in advertising in attempts to seem edgy and fashionable. With so much exposure to this type of media, it is easy to become desensitised to it. With America becoming numb to the violence in these advertising tactics, domestic violence is an increasing problem as brutality against women has become trivialized. Jean Kilbourne 's “‘Two Ways a Woman can get Hurt”: Advertising and Violence’ argues that violence in advertising profoundly affects people in a skewed physiological manner, leading to violence against women.... ... middle of paper ... ...ertising has become obsolete and is unnecessary as America is no longer shocked by viewing women being abused. It is clear that this phenomena of abuse has to stop.However, there are many other topics worth investigating in this line of thinking. An interesting concept to cross examine would be an in depth analysis of how other women react to these violent images, and how it affects their ability to fight back against the brutality. Does violence against women in popular media deflate a woman 's self worth, causing her to believe she deserves it when she is beaten? If so, this would present an even more developed argument against the dangers of violence against women in advertising. Exploiting women in an objectifying manner in advertising is a hazard to modern day American society and needs to stop before every woman fears for her dignity, her mind, and her life.
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