An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

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During the interview fifteen different questions were asked to her. These questions addressed different areas to permit a well rounded view from Nakia regarding her new career as a FNP. First question asked consisted of what inspired her interest to be an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). She had a desire to advance her education and her ability to care for patients. She wanted to have a chance to work more closely with patients and have a direct impact on their care. The role of a FNP allows her to see a variety of patients among different age groups. She desired to be able to diagnose, treat, giving orders, and write prescription medications for her patients. Second questioned entailed what does she look forward to the most in this role. She indicated the main thing she looks forward to is being able to treat her patients completely. Having the ability to assess patients and decide upon their needed care. Previously in her role as a registered nurse see took care of mainly geriatric patients. These patients are often seen in the acute settings and skilled nursing facilities. In her role as a FNP she now is able to follow these patients in all these different variety of settings. This holds a tremendous amount of pleasure and satisfaction for her. Third question pertained to what does she what to gain the most from in her career. She strives to gain excellent working relationships with physicians, APNs, physician assistances (PAs), and other health care professionals. Nakia feels the role of APNs must continue to be established and the trust of their abilities increased. Fourth question presented to Nakia was did she find the physicians to be helpful and easily accessible. She indicated initially when she first began th... ... middle of paper ... ...e able to assist physicians with this issue. Having an opportunity to interview Nakia Bess a FNP allowed a clearer understanding of this role to be discovered. This was done by her answering fifteen questions regarding her role as a FNP. She made it very clear it is imperative to be very organized. NPs need to be knowledgeable in ways to prioritize their workload and patients. The role of a NP is known to be stressful and identifying ways to mange stress is important. The interviewed afforded an opportunity to explore the concerns and thoughts of a NP. Nakia expressed how cultivating trusting relationships with patients and health care professionals was challenging. Her fear of having the responsibility of diagnosing and developing plans of care was very understandable. This interview helped outline some issues and concerns that may be encountered during my role as a
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