An 18-Year Commitment

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Eighteen years of teaching a child is no easy task but when you are punished for your child’s stupid actions the years drag by. You have to teach your kids to be polite, respectful, and how to count to two. As your child grows older and old parents need to be active in their child’s lives. When parents are inactive in their children’s lives, the children usually turn to illegal behaviors to receive more attention. By forcing parents to take responsibility for their children’s illegal actions will make the parents teach their children right from wrong, creating more responsible kids. In addition it will force parents be more active in their children’s lives. When local laws require parents to attend parenting classes or pay a fine forever crime their child is convicted of the crime rate is sure to drop. With a lower crime rate and more responsible children the juvenile incarceration will be significantly lower. Charging parents for their children’s illegal actions will, create more responsible children, force parents to be more active in their children lives, help curb crime, and lower the incarceration rate.
Picking up litter, or helping a friend when they have fallen are all actions that a polite young man or woman would do. Parents who wanted their children to be polite and responsible adult raised these young men and women who help their peers. The problem is that many young people are not raised with the correct “moral compass”. This moral compass that so many young people are missing should instilled by parents. Many young people end up committing crime because they want attention, were never tough to be responsible, or taught what the difference between right and wrong actions. “Parents have a responsibility to instill a m...

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...rents to be involved in their children’s lives the cycle of crime will be less likely to start over again. America as a nation needs to push for parental responsibility laws to be enforced on a regular basis because they create a better society.

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