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In the essay “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, Tan claims the idea that we speak different languages to communicate with each other and that our intelligence is judged by the way we speak. As a fictional author, Tan is amazed by language and uses it as a part of her work. Tan observes experiences that helped her notice the different type of “englishes” she uses. As child born in a chines culture, tan had to speak to types of languages. One language she used was academic English, which she learned from the books and used it in a normal conversation Second language, which was only used by her family. Tan’s mother is chines and she talks about “giving respect” in the chines culture with her “broken english.” Tan mentions in her essay about her mother’s …show more content…

The idea of people judging your intelligence by the way you speak I believe is wrong. When my father tries to speak English, sometimes he makes a mistake at pronouncing something. This does not make my father look unintelligent or he lacks education. But when he makes deals with big companies makes me realize how smart he is. Just because you cannot speak a language fluently does not make you look unintelligent. Reading “Mother Tongue” helps me become more patient with my parents when they make a mistake. Before reading “Mother Tongue” I realize that I use make false assumption about people who could not speak English properly. I use to think that if you can speak proper English, you are not well educated. Now I realize that every house has its own language and families have created it to communicate with each other more easily. I believe it is necessary to have a second language, especially if you come from immigrant family like I do. Second language helps families understand things faster. After reading “Mother Tongue” I have also learned to respect people who cannot speak a language properly. I should be more respectful when others are expressing their feelings are sharing something. Also, I should also avoid criticizing people who cannot speak a language fluently. “Mother Tongue” has also inspire me to help other who cannot speak English properly or do not understand the American culture. I know how it feels because I was once new to this country and I know how it feels to be new in United States. This essay made notice that many new immigrants in the United States are treated very unfairly because of the way they speak English. Many Americans make a false assumption that someone who cannot speak English is uneducated. This leads to racist and prejudice behavior, which makes all the Americans look bad in front of other countries and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how amy tan's essay "mother tongue" claims that we speak different languages to communicate with each other and that our intelligence is judged by our way of speaking.
  • Analyzes how tan's mother influenced her to write stories for people with "limited" or "broken" english.
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