Amnesia Essay

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As a human it is normal to forget information, however it is important to realize the difference between a memory slip and amnesia. Amnesia is defined as an inability to recall information that is stored in the memory. In largescale it’s a loss of memory that should never have been forgotten. As research has been conducted science has gained knowledge about the causes, symptoms, types and treatments of amnesia.
Normal memory function involves many parts of the brain, and any disease, injury or psychological problem can interfere with the brains function Amnesia can result from damage to brain structures that form the limbic system, which controls your emotions and memories. These structures include the thalamus, which lies deep within the
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If one has amnesia, they will have difficulty recalling facts, events, places, or specific detail (Barclay, 2016). The details can range from what one ate this morning to their birthday. Hollywood has fabricated the idea that by suffering with amnesia the first signs of symptoms include losing self-identify and ability to function normally. However, in reality, one with amnesia will still retain your motor skills, such as your ability to walk, as well as fluency in any languages you speak, and self-identity. In addition, there are many different types of amnesia with a wide range of symptoms depending on the…show more content…
First, a person with amnesia may work with an occupational therapist to learn new information to replace what was lost, or to use intact memories as a basis for taking in new information. Memory training may also include a variety of strategies for organizing information so that it 's easier to remember and for improving understanding of extended conversation. With some training and practice, even people with severe amnesia can use these electronic organizers to help with day-to-day tasks. For example, smartphones can be programmed to remind them about important events or to take medications. Low-tech memory aids include notebooks, wall calendars, pill minders, and photographs of people and places. No medications are currently available for treating most types of amnesia. (Mandal, 2012)Amnesia caused by Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome involves a lack of thiamin. Treatment includes replacing this vitamin and providing proper nutrition. Although treatment, which also needs to include alcohol abstinence, can help prevent further damage, most people won 't recover all of their lost memory. Researchers are investigating several neurotransmitters involved in memory formation, which may one day lead to new treatments for memory disorders. (Mandal, 2012)But the complexity of the brain processes involved makes it unlikely that a single medication will be able to resolve
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