Amir's Relationship In The Kite Runner

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Apart from being a Hazara, Amir has grown up with a rich and lavished childhood. Amir’s father, Baba, was a rich and respected man, however he was cold-hearted towards Amir. Part of the reason is because he sees no similarities between him and Amir, and had even said “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I’d never believe he’s my son” (Hosseini p.23). Baba was also not the same person as he was when his wife was alive. She had passed away while she was giving birth to Amir, and this caused Amir to grow up without a mother. Not knowing it feels like to have a mother, Amir only had Baba to look up to. Amir is always seeking approval from Baba, but he never gets it. Baba is never interested in what he does. This…show more content…
One of the decisions that Amir made was to enter the kite tournament since that was the one thing Baba and him had in common. Amir was the best kite runner in his town, but he did not usually win the tournaments. However, one day Amir’s kite was the last one in the sky, and he had won the competition. When Amir looks back up at Baba, “Standing on the edge of the balcony, pumping both of his fists. Hollering and clapping” (Hosseini p.71).Seeing Baba jumping with joy was the best moment of Amir’s life, since he had finally made him happy. Following this Hassan runs after the kite to catch it for Amir, but hours pass and he does not return home. Amir goes searching for him and finds him surrounded by Assef and his two friends. Assef tells Hassan that he is willing to forgive him if he gives him the kite; otherwise he will do something to him. While all of this was happening, Amir was watching from afar. “ I had one last chance to make a decision. One final opportunity to decide who I was going to be. I could step I into that alley, stand up for Hassan --- the way he’d stood up for me all those times in the past --- and accept whatever would happen to me,” (Hosseini p.82) said Amir. Knowing what was happening was wrong, Amir decided to run. Amir admits to himself being a coward. He was scared of what Assef would do if he stood up to him. Besides the fact that he left Hassan alone with Assef, Amir lied to Baba and Ali when they asked if he knew what was wrong with Hassan. Amir felt guilty every time he saw Hassan and just wanted to get rid of him. After the Hassan incident, Amir is never able to see himself as a good person and always feels guilty. Things begin to slightly change once Baba and Amir move to the United States. After years of sacrificing for Baba, Amir makes decisions on what is best for him. Despite Baba’s approval, Amir decides to become a writer. On the course of his
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