Amir and Hassan. “The Sultans of Kabuls”

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In The Kite Runner both Amir and Hassan are heroes in their own ways. Amir put his life in danger for Hassan’s son, Sohrab, while Hassan put his in jeopardy for Amir. In his childhood, Amir always wanted Baba to love him only, but Baba felt guilty for the fact that Hassan, his son just like Amir, was living in his house as a servant. Therefore, Baba struggled to show his love for Amir. However, Amir, who did not know that Hassan was his half-brother, thought that Baba did not love him because he killed his wife when she was giving birth to him. Additionally, in Amir’s childhood Baba always questioned Amir‘s abilities, while he praised Hassan’s skills which made Amir bitter toward Hassan. Amir was brainwashed by the fact that Hassan was only a Hazara servant, and it did not suit him to play with a Hazara boy. Although Amir loved Hassan, he struggled throughout his childhood to show it to him due to lack of attention from Baba and the segregation between Hazara and Pashtun. But his entire life, he felt ashamed of what he did to Hassan. However, he showed his heroic personality later by putting his life in danger to only save Hassan’s son, Sohrab. On the other hand, Hassan showed his love for Amir openly as a good friend from the beginning to the end. He never lost an opportunity to sacrifice his life for Amir. Amir showed his true love for Hassan by saving Hassan’s son, Sohrab. Amir took an action to free Hassan’s son, Sohrab, from the Taliban. He knew that he was putting himself in big trouble by saving Sohrab from the Taliban. When he was entering into the Taliban house, he said, “I glanced at Farid sitting in the car and mouthed, I’ll be back, not sure that I would be” (Hosseni 274). Amir knew that there was only a fifty pe... ... middle of paper ... ...w that he was putting his life in danger. However, Hassan did not care about his life when it came to saving his childhood friend life, Amir. Hassan lost his honor from Assef’s hands only to save a kite for Amir. When Assef asked Hassan for the kite that he caught for Amir, Hassan replied to Assef, “Amir agha won the tournament and I ran this kite for him. I ran it fairly. This is his kite” (Hosseini 72). Hassan put himself into a shameful situation to just save Amir’s kite. In conclusion, I believed that both Hasssan and Amir were heroes. They both showed their own ways to sacrifice their lives for each other. Hassan never lost an opportunity to satisfied Amir’s needs. Similarly, Amir showed his heroic skills by saving Hassan’s son from the Taliban and spoke up for his rights. He did everything possible, so that Hassan’s son lived a free life unlike his father.

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