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Amillennialism Amillenianism literally means no millennium. This name stems from the disbelief that there will be a literal thousand year period called the golden age, either before or after the return of Christ (Gregg 459). This view unlike the others, is not a new concept, even though the name is new. In fact, R.B. Strimple claims this particular view has been around as long as Christianity (83). Amillennialists generally assume that all millennium prophecies are fulfilled in between the first and the second coming of Christ (Gregg 459). The time subsequent to the first coming and prior to the second coming is known as the golden age. The Golden Age specifically refers to the Messiah ruling on earth (27). Only, amillennialists would say Christ's thousand year reign takes place in heaven with the souls of deceased believers (Rev 20). Unlike other views that believe the second coming will be in two phases, amillennialists feel it will occur in one stage; within the time between the first and second coming (459). They fuse the two resurrections spoken in Revelation 20:1-6 into one stage. In this one stage, a general resurrection will occur in which all believers and unbelievers will be gathered. They understand that Satan will be bound during the in-between time and at the second advent he will be released for a short time to cause havoc (458). Christ will return after the heavenly millennium reign and all believers and transformed believers will be taken up to the clouds to be with Him. Conclusion In my assessment of amillennialism, I have decided to disagree with most everything they believe... ... middle of paper ... for the thousand year stage. Whether it begin after the resurrection or after the second coming. Instead the postmillennialists will, in my thoughts, take the idiot proof view. They believe that when Christ returns the thousand years is over, then subtract a thousand years and you'll find when the time started. Well duh! Bibliography: Block, Darrell L. Three views on the Millennium and Beyond. Premillenialism- Blaising, C. A. Poetmillennialism- Gentry, K. L. Amillennialism- Strimple, R. B. Zondervan Publishin House. Grand Rapids, Mi. 1999. Gregg, Steve. Revelation. Four Views, A parallel commentary. Thomas Nelson Inc. Nashville, Tn. 1997 Hoekema, Anthony. The Bible and the Future. Eerdmans Publishing: Grand Rapids, Mi. 1979 Pentecost, J. D. Things to Come. Zondervan Publishin House. Grand Rapids, Mi. 1958.

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