Ameson Case Study

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The organization has been successful in not only helping its students to assimilate both at home with international instructors and abroad but Ameson also works hard to help its teaching staff to succeed in its multicultural, global setting by training its staff in cross-cultural awareness and tactful adjustment to Chinese workplace culture (McMurtrie, 2012). This does not mean that Ameson does not face multiple challenges in its efforts to prepare Chinese students for study in America.
Ameson 's Educational and Cultural Challenges
One important challenge for Ameson is that the local Chinese High Schools usually want to hold on onto unproductive students who find it hard to grapple with the international curriculum. As in all school systems,
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Because the Chinese schools, Chinese international school leaders and parents have the opinion that passage of TOEFL and SAT equals success, the Chinese school administrators allow their students to participate in outside private schools that prepare them to pass the university entrance exams. This greatly decreases students ' time that they actually spend in class for more important courses like American Studies, History, Literature and the sciences. Senior 3 students typically spend the initial first two to three months of the school year in outside schools in TOEFL and SAT prep. This causes a severe interruption in AP classes that are fundamental to success in an American university.
These kinds of Chinese operational negative factors cause limitations in how much Ameson can achieve through its educational program. Ameson leadership knows that success in TOEFL and SAT does not equal success but merely the beginning of a student 's educational career. Perhaps, this is one of Ameson 's greatest failures is that instead of seeking to change these bad practices on the part of Chinese high school leaders, the organization tends to work around such problems and not rectify such thinking and practices that are an immense detriment to Chinese international
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All in all, the organization, training, staff and operational mission of Ameson should be regarded as an international success in the current educational globalization environment. The organization has all the support, skills, staff and systems needed to help their students gain excelent skills before flying from China to their destination for study abroad. Ameson faces constant challenges and has had to adapt to the current practices within local Chinese schools, but is doing its best to quietly and diplomatically change the personalities and practices of the local schools in which they serve and
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