America's Silent Enemy

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1492 words

America’s Silent Enemy

Overcoming generational poverty is more than offering those living in the crisis of poverty food or even housing or money. It requires a paradigm shift of thinking for society as a whole. For many, it is not possible for them to escape the grasp of poverty with society’s current support system. America needs yet again, a reform of the welfare system. Such a reform would support individuals to receive a hand up and not a handout; assisting them in their efforts to become self-sufficient and reduces the number of individuals or families that are dependent on government assistance programs.

Generational poverty is an ongoing cycle of poverty in which two or more generations of families experience limited resources. Generational poverty is described as having its own culture, with hidden rules and belief systems. These individuals are enmeshed in poverty and unable to rise above the federal poverty line. The US Census Bureau indicates that the poverty level for a family of four is an “annual income of $23,050 [or less].” Poverty however does not just affect areas of financial needs. Generational poverty includes an individual’s lack of resource in several areas including emotional, physical and mental. There is also often a lack of relationships or positive role models, and support systems. Without the proper support system these individuals would not have the emotional resources. Positive emotional responses dictate behavior and eventually determine achievement. Support systems also offer skills that are not generally passed on from generation to generation in poverty. Many individuals will need not only temporary relief from financial constraints, they will need coping skills, information and know-how and ...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that overcoming generational poverty requires a paradigm shift of thinking for society. america needs reform of the welfare system.
  • Describes generational poverty as an ongoing cycle of poverty in which two or more generations of families experience limited resources.
  • Opines that in order for society to shift its thinking around those suffering from poverty, we need to first start with ourselves.
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