America's Right to Legal Marijuana

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The Right to Legal Marijuana

With alcohol and tobacco butchering substantial portions out of the general public each year, does it really make sense for something that helps people, has so many positive aspects in the medical field, and is natural without the need for additional things to be done to it like marijuana to be illegal? It can be easily understood by most why heavy man-made drugs, such as methamphetamines and LSD, which are almost guaranteed to cause addiction and contain harsh chemicals would be illegal; though marijuana grows naturally and it has been around so long, the exact date it came about cannot be determined for certain. “The earliest cultural evidence of cannabis comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yang-Shao…about 6,500 years ago” (“Why Should Marijuana Be Legal?”). Marijuana was used in many cultures around the world long before the United States created its marijuana laws. The smoking of marijuana, or cannabis, for many of the reasons it is used in present day is in general the main purpose of what it was originally used for, it has undoubtedly had an impact on our lives today. “The ancient Chinese learned to use virtually every part of the cannabis plant: the root for medicine; the stem for textiles, rope, and paper making; the leaves for intoxication and medicine; and the seeds for food and soil” (“Why Should Marijuana be Legal?”). In years past, the Chinese used cannabis for many purposes as well as utilized every part of the cannabis plant that they could so none of it would go to waste. From intoxication to the clothing that they wore, the cannabis plant solved all issues at hand for the people of ancient China. Even today hemp can be used industrially and for clothing mate...

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