America’s Obsession with Fast Food and Its Effects on the Population

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America’s Obsession with Fast Food and its Effects on the Population.
Over the last Three decades Fast food has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the American society. An Industry that began with a handful of modest hot dogs and hamburgers stands in southern California has spread to every corner of the nation, selling a broad range of addictive substances wherever obsessive paying customers can be found. This Obsession as such has lead the researcher to provide a critical examination of Scholarly articles and books to purport evidence that there is an Obesity epidemic, among the nation in which the fast food industry is growing exponentially, people are supersizing, as well as a major public health threat . This report seeks to reveals the dark side of the American meal.
America’s Obsession with Fast Food and its Effects on the Population.
A large and growing body of literature has investigated this, “American Obsession” with fast-food. But the most notable studies seeks to cut to its core. Scholarly work such as Schlosser, E. (2001). States that hundreds of millions of people buy fast food without knowing where it came from as well as not any subtle ramifications for their purchases. Other Scholarly articles such as Obesity Epidemic 2010 and Lowell Johnathan 2004 all purported the notion that obesity is visible and has grown exponentially.
In order to fully understand the concept of fast food one must understand its meaning. Which is simply as its name. Foods that can be prepared and served quickly. In the wake of World War 1, hamburger was consider an infamous and undesirable food. However by 1930 every corner of the nation accepted it as a main stream meal and eventually as a staple diet. Fast forwa...

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...ivated until all the food is gone” and living in a world where food is constantly availabe and loaded with hard to resist fat, sugar and salt means constant arousal. Our brains are being hijacked at every corner. Weintraub, K. (2012).

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