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“Total costs for childhood obesity are estimated at eleven billion for children with private insurance and three billion for children with Medicaid (Mulheron, Joyal, Vonasek 13).” According to Centers for Disease and Prevention, childhood obesity is a medical condition in which weight significantly exceeds what is normal for age and height (Crothers, Kehle, Bray, Theodore 787). Childhood obesity is calculated according to a child’s body mass index. The formula used to calculate body mass index is formed by dividing children’s weight by their height squared. Therefore, every child’s body mass index is then compared to a standard chart, averaged from other children in the same age category. “Children whose BMI exceeds 25-30 kg/m2 are classified as overweight- obese”(Jenvey 810). America, this is a nationwide issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nationwide, an estimated thirty two percent of American children ages two to nineteen are overweight, including seventeen who are obese. Childhood obesity is an extraordinary epidemic that can be reduced by parents enforcing restrictions and guidelines on food options by children, informing children of the importance of what they consume, and increasing daily physical activity.

Parents are a key factor in a children’s influence or decision on everyday food choices. Sources say that, “Maternal pregnancy obesity influences early childhood obesity, which is perpetuates as the child ages “(Crothers, Laura M, Kehle,Bray,Theodore 787).Predicting childhood obesity at such a young age seems unrealistic. Furthermore, not only can childhood obesity become a factor while the mother is pregnant, but it can also have the same domino effect as the child continues to grow. While a chil...

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