America's Journey to World Leadership

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America’s Journey to World Leadership

What made America the economical giant it is today? How did small country of 13 colonies change into the international peace keeper of the 20th and 21st centuries? World War II started a new age in the world. America and the Soviet Union came out as world powers and created an era of capitalism vs. communism. What America saw across the Atlantic was a land in chaos and ruins. The U.S. took things into their own hands and saw it their duty to rebuild. This is what built America’s many allies and trade partners. Its economy, military, and influence are unrivaled and have been for more than half a century. This dominance has made America’s influence and assertiveness have immense power and control over other countries. No other country has as large of an influence as the U.S. Due to World War II, post-war American society, aftermath, foreign policies, influences, and economy made the U.S.A. become the world super power of the 20th century.

Before the First World War, America was seen as an undermined force. It was not threatening or economical powerful due to the depression. “During the 1890s, the U.S showed little interest in foreign affairs. Its army was just 28,000 soldiers, one-twentieth the size of France and Germany’s.”(“Overview”) The U.S. followed an isolationist foreign policy and was lacking in its military. This was very worrying for Americans because they feared they would be left behind and out of trading, technology and territorial advances and opportunities. So, in the late 19th century, America started expanding by annexing Hawaii and taking territory from Spain. This imperialistic desire may have led to America’s hunger for leadership. These annexations made America a renown...

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