America's Involvement in World War I

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World War I was a great loss both physically and emotionally. It was a conflict between the Allies and the Central Powers from 1914 to 1918. More than 15 million people were killed in battled, making it one of the most deadly conflicts in history. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- Hungary was seen as the trigger of the war. The war was described as a world war, a total war, and a modern war. A world war because it involved the whole world. A total war because people used maximum resources for the purpose of the war. A modern war because the people used technological and industrial mobilization. America enters the war for many reasons but the four causes were the sinking of the Lusitania, the economics, politics, and ideology. Lusitania was the main cause that turned Americans and the world for that matter against Germany. The economics, politics, and ideology have little to do with America entering the war but they are still causes. The Lusitania was sunk on May 1, 1915 on its way from Liver Pool to New York. It was hit by a German torpedo and was sunk within 18 minutes. The ship was British, but on board were Americans. One thousand and nineteen of the original 1,924 died, 114 being American men. The sinking aggravated Americans and President Wilson to protest against Germany. Germany proclaimed, in September, that ships will be sunk only with foregoing warning and the convenient safeguard for passengers. Nonetheless, America’s resentment towards Germany was set in stone. Two year later America declared war. The economics played a role in America entering the war because the United States had enormous economic investments with the British and the French. If the Allies lost, they then woul... ... middle of paper ... ... War I. It was signed on June of 1919. It made Germany take the claim of starting the war, to disarm, and to substantial territories and pay reparations to the Allies. The treaty was signed by the Allies and Germany. Untied States never signed the treaty. From the Treaty of Versailles came the League of Nations. The League of Nations took of Germany’s overseas colonies. World War I was the beginning of America getting involved in world affairs. Even though it was a short war, many American soldiers died. It was also one of the bloodiest battles in the history of America and the world. To top it off it was a world war, total war, and modern war and a loss both emotionally and physically. It was the start to the world we have today Works Cited,

In this essay, the author

  • Describes world war i as one of the most deadly conflicts in history. it was a conflict between the allies and the central powers from 1914 to 1918.
  • Explains that america enters the war for many reasons, but the sinking of the lusitania, the economics, politics, and ideology are still causes.
  • Explains that the lusitania was sunk on may 1, 1915 on its way from liver pool to new york. the sinking aggravated americans and president wilson to protest against germany.
  • Explains that the economics played a role in america entering the war because the united states had enormous economic investments with the british and the french.
  • Explains that politics played a part in america entering the war. propaganda from both sides determined america's decision. president wilson did not want to go to war, but teddy roosevelt wanted to run for anther term.
  • Analyzes how ideology fit into the puzzle of why america entered the war. wilson wanted to make the world safe for democracy. the inhabitation of belgium and the sinking of the lusitania changed many people’s minds in the united stated of germany.
  • Explains that president wilson cautioned citizens from taking side in the war in fear of jeopardizing wider us policy, during the time of neutrality.
  • Describes the fourteen points, a set of rules that president wilson made which was the basic settlement for peace in world war i on january 8, 1918.
  • Narrates wilson's fourteen points address, which introduced the idea of a league of nations to preserve territorial integrity and political independence among large and small nations.
  • Explains that the women took over the factories and manned the hangars where aircrafts were made and in the munitions factories department. they knitted clothes for the men at war, volunteered assisting the red cross and promoted the sale of war bonds.
  • Explains that women still had to do the jobs that they did before the war and take over the farm work when their husbands and sons went to war.
  • Explains that the treaty of versailles was one of the peace treaties at the end of world war i.
  • Opines that world war i was the beginning of america getting involved in world affairs.
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