America's First Constitution Dbq

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Background Essay Questions: 1. The constitution was written in Philadelphia in 1787. 2. Two weaknesses of the Articles of the Confederation are there was no chief executive and no court system. 3. James Madisons big worry about framing a constitution was that “while the constitution be strong enough to serve the needs of the new nation and yet did not create tyranny?” 4. An example of tyranny by the few is when several generals or religious leaders seize control. 5. Constitution: A list of fundamental principles in which a state or organization is acknowledged to be governed. Articles of Confederation: America's first constitution Frame: Basic structure of a concept or system Tyranny: oppressive rule by the government Document A: Document…show more content…
Federalism guards against tyranny because it splits the power, which makes it so no one country can seize all the power. Document B: Document Analysis: Madison’s main idea is that if all powers combine tyranny will occur. Yes, he believes if the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches combine tyranny will begin. Executive- President; Judicial- Supreme Court; Legislative- Congress He would not be happy, because he wants all 3 powers to be separated from each other; and that can't happen if there is 1 representative for 2 powers. The separation of powers guards against tyranny because it separates the three branches, making sure no power is greater than the other. Document C: Document Analysis: Madison’s main idea is that each branch should check on each other, “may be the check on the other” The house can impeach the president The president can check the power of the Supreme Court by appointing its members. The supreme court has the ability to declare laws
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