Americans and The Monsanto Protection Act

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Americans are angry in regards to the signing of the Farmer Assurance Act on March 27, 2014. This act also goes by the nickname Monsanto Protection Act. The company Monsanto is well known for its production of GM seeds, or genetically modified seeds. Numerous Americans are currently protesting and creating petitions because genetically modified organisms may be at risk of contaminating organic foods in the near future. In addition, food that contains these organisms often are not labeled for the public. There are many other possible negative impacts. For that reason, people should not only educate themselves on the current issues, but they should fight for their right to have the choice to consume organic food or genetically modified food.
Some people call GMO’s “Frankenfoods”. What happens is the DNA makeup of a certain plant or animal is mixed with that of another. Often if a trait is desirable that would be the combined strand. This can be useful if a person desires crops resistant to disease, insects, or herbicide. What is morally incorrect is the DNA isn’t from the same species, but actually from different kinds of species from different families (Hosansky). It is unnatural to combine unlike species that would not be naturally interbred in the wild. Also, what would happen if that organism bred with a natural organism?
Environmentalists are afraid of the possible effects genetic engineering can have in the ecosystem. If certain genetically modified animals or bugs escape and breed with their wild counterparts it may be possible those organisms can pass harmful genes or even cause the original species to go extinct. An example of the passing of aggressive genes is when the African Killer Bees escaped a Brazilian Research Faci...

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