American Wizard

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You’ve heard the tale of Wizards and Witches. The origins is usually from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. What about the country of United States of America? Surprisingly, there is magic in America! It started before the Revolutionary War, before the original colonies. Even before the pilgrims landed on the shores of New England. A hundred years before all those events the Vikings landed on the future America. Many tribes, many families arrived by boat. Staking claim all the way down the east coast. Life was normal for the Vikings. Buying their time hunting, fishing and building huts off the land. Farming is another task the Vikings did on their new land. Which is where the magic happen in America. A Viking farmer in North Carolina was tending to his garden. Seeing if the plants were ready for picking in the harvest season. A sudden surge of energy ran through his body. Like being hit by lighting while still standing. The only difference is it was a sunny day. The farmer was amazed he lived after a powerful jolt. He thought all was fine with his body till certain things happen. Levitating objects just by pointing a palm and speaking a command in their native tongue. Even shooting colorful bolts of fire when the command is fierce. Soon after phrases were used as commands to do simple task without lifting anything. The farmer thought he was the only one with this type of power. Other members of tribes and families had the same sense of power as the farmer. Other Vikings were afraid of the sudden adjustment to their love ones bodies. Elders cried “magic” as a title of this type of power. They were called “Wizards” soon after, as to not confuse a normal person with a person of magic. Magic spread through the creation of childr... ... middle of paper ... ... of magic have seen or been through a lot of American history; including the Warlocks. The Civil War divided both groups of magic. Magic improved during the Golden Age of industry. Magic expanded to other nations at the dawn of immigration. Plenty of magic, but no money in the era of the Great Depression. Wizards entered Europe for first time during the 2 world wars. Magic survive the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s; along with the 90s. Now with the modern American Wizard and Witch magic is still the same. Despite an era of computerized surroundings. Another thing that hasn’t change is Warlock attacks. The Warlocks manage to plan, plus succeeded an attack on Wizards and Witches. Not in a grand scale in the past 100 years. There is still death as a result. For the moment of the 21st century there is peace for American magic. As traditional magic meets the technology of today.
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