American Slavery

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The Constitution of the United States was first created in 1787, to create a structure and establish the responsibilities of the American government. The goals of its drafters were to protect the inherent rights of citizens of the United States of America, establish a Government run by the people, and separate the government’s powers between three different branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial). By accomplishing the goals of the Constitution, its drafters unified the people of the United States and created a bond between the states. However, after decades of constant bickering between the American people regarding the Constitution; the union its creators initially set out to form was completely dismantled. The Constitution of the United States inevitably lead to the secession of the Southern states by implementing laws and compromises that constantly dealt with the issue of slavery, but never actually confronting the controversy until it had become unmanageable.
When Missouri requested to be allowed to enter the Union, it opened up a heated debate whether or not the expansion of slavery would be allowed there. It was all a matter of power. If Missouri came in as a slave state, it would shift balance of power in the South's favor. When the request came to enter the Union, there was an effort to keep an even balance among free and slave holding states; 11 free and 11 slave. This meant that there was an even vote in the Senate. It also mea...
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