American Sign Language: The Origin Of American Sign Language

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American Sign Language has no exact origin but it is a visual language using hand movements, facial expressions and body language to communicate that is used by people that can’t hear. It is used predominantly by the deaf and people who can hear but cannot speak. Certain signs also represent complete ideas or phase’s not just individual word, not every word in sign language is signed. Sign Language is composed of a system that has conventional gestures using all your body parts, even spelling word out with your fingers. There is no single type of sign language that is the same because it varies in different regions. ASL is different from any other language that is learned its show new ways to communicate with others as well as being good for…show more content…
Sign language stems from the first known sign language system, which was discovered in France during the mid-18th century. This system, known as Old French Sign Language, was a language created by deaf individuals in France. Which was then later discovered by Abbe de l 'Epee, a cleric in Paris, who one day saw two girls sign and thought sign language would be an excellent way to communicate. In 1771, l 'Epee founded the first free educational institution for deaf people in France. When l 'Epee started the school, he transformed communicating phrase into communicating the exact words, this type of language became known as the Old Signed French. Later a minister named Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet was known for the largest development in sign language. Gallaudet neighbor daughter was deaf and he wanted to find ways to communicate with her. So in 1861, Gallaudet traveled to Europe, where many deaf school had been founded by graduates of l’Epee school. While in Europe Gallaudet he met a recent deaf graduate named Laurent Clerc. So Clerc taught Gallaudet about some deaf education methods and later he convinced Gallaudet to return with him to American later setting up American first deaf school. Over a period of time the sign and where used in school and the sign by deaf people were combined and was turned into something new…show more content…
The life of a deaf person can be very difficult not being able to have a normal conversation with your family or listening to your favorite song knowing all you have is yourself and other that can communicate with you . The life of a hearing person is way different from the life of a deaf person just being able to adapt to certain sound, a deaf person does go through the daily motions of hearing everything around them. All they have is there self, there world is so silent but most deaf people go to school and work productively and independently. Since most deaf people can hear and others can’t they have what you call it an inner voice which is just there thought process of them speaking to their self just like hearing people do. Deaf people have a normal life just like hearing people do they wake up brush their teeth, wash their faces, and get dressed as hearing people do. Although a deaf person can’t hear they can still work and go to school, and communicate with others they tend to work more independently than other as well. The inner voice for some deaf people may change depending on that personal vocal training and how deaf they are .For those deaf people that aren’t completely deaf or may have to wear a hearing device which allow them to hear , may offer experience more vocal language . The life of a deaf person is more detailed in

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