American Servicemen and Women: True Heroes

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It is an honor to have the best men and women defending the freedom of the United States of America. Without them, the celebrities, sports figures, and cultural icons would not be able to enjoy the things that do on a regular basis. The service men and women sacrifice so much for our freedom, they in turn lay their own lives on the line for us daily. In return they receive minimal pay and leave their loved ones behind. In reality these men and women are the real heroes.

Today’s heroes are determined by a person’s eyes rather than their heart. In today’s society, it is seldom that one might hear the wonderful works on the service men and women defending the United States. Often times it is not until a tragedy hits when these individuals are acknowledged and shown appreciation for the duties they accomplish. Tragic events have helped society to refocus on heroes. The focus on the actions of the service men and women contributes positively to a country wide reconsideration of ideals, values and morals. The occurrence of true heroism, by classic standards, is rarely achieved in sports.

While viewing you tube, I completed a search for service men. Most of the number one videos had close to a thousand views minimum. I completed the same search for Beyonce’ and discovered that majority of her videos had a viewing rate of at least one million. “However, there is a dearth of research concerning the distinction between what contributes to the perception of an individual’s greatness rather than the perception of their being famous” (North 39). After viewing this information, I found that my thesis statement has proven truthful, reason being celebrities are at a high level of appreciation when it comes to societies definition of a hero....

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...eir lives for an important cause, or for the lives of another, are considered heroes for the true hero lies within.

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