American Schools Are STILL Racist

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Racial discrimination is a real problem in American schools where African American students are segregated and their rights violated in many ways. Racial discrimination is especially advanced in public schools where majority of the students are colored. In these institutions, the government has failed to offer credible support thus subjecting them to serious problems making the learning process close to impossible (Blank et al, p.108). The departments of justice and education have admitted that serious problems are experienced by school going children in most of the American schools. Positive policies on discipline are being put into measure as a way of reducing the cases of racial discrimination as it affects learning of students negatively and eventually leads to failure of the students. This proposal seeks to investigate the extent of racial discrimination in public schools and then present possible solutions to the issue in American society.

Problem Statement

It is worthy to make a note that most of the students suspended and expelled in American schools are the African Americans who are ill-treated in school thus making their school life problematic. Out of 100% of students in American schools 63% of the students expelled are African Americans. Indeed, Blank et al (2004 p.108) argues that the big gap between African-American expulsion rates in comparison with other races is an indication of racial prejudice that is inherent in the American school system. Educational critics further argue that the American Educational system is particularly oppressive to the African-American child. They argue that most African-American children are expelled out of school because of minor crimes; crimes that would not lead to ex...

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