American Schools And The Latino Student Experience By Robert Crosnoe: Risk Factors Of Segregation In America

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Another risk factors of discrimination includes group-esteem and self-esteem—low self-esteem is seen in the students that are bullied at school, although social psychology indicates that “if one feels a sense of relatedness to their ethnic group they portray a higher self-esteem as well as better mental health—this is seen in African, Asian, and Hispanic Americans.” American Schools and the Latino Student Experience by Patricia Gandara includes a study by Robert Crosnoe on Mexican immigrants and their developmental experiences going through school. Crosnoe presents that even if Mexican immigrants are intelligent and deserve high placement courses, they are placed at an academic disadvantage due to English being there second language—this is…show more content…
Racial segregation in schools is strongly linked to segregation by class, almost ninety percent of the student body, primarily black and Latino, is at an economic disadvantage (Segregation Today)—this is physically and mentally harming our students. Tozer introduces the concept of Pluralism which means valuing and maintaining cultural and linguistic differences within a society. Where has the respect gone? So what if children misbehave, they are kids they will act up, it is the responsibility of the teacher to discipline her class. As I have mentioned earlier, children, especially those of the black community, need to be respected before they can respect. Respect is a two way street and by implementing Pluralism make the classroom run slightly more…show more content…
I have been going to school with a diverse group of individuals for a long time and I have gotten along with my peers just fine. There was no pulling of the race card and no judging of someone’s religion. I think that the economy has gotten a bit further in having education be more accessible to everybody. Public schools tend to have a majority/ dominant race in particular areas. There are so many schools and so many neighborhoods to choose from that it has become slightly easier to find a school that fits a childs needs. Although, and I cannot stress it enough, it is ultimately up to the adult in the classroom, the teacher, to encourage her students, have them feel welcomed and a part of a whole group. That is how we will break the discrimination
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