American Sacrifice

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This Essay will be about what I think the sacrifices service men and women have. The sacrifices men and women have while in the service are dying, getting injured or having horrible nightmares or flashbacks. I think the things these men and women do are very important to be fighting for our country and also to be fighting for each one of us. They go off to war with only the clothes on their backs and the hope in their hearts that they will survive the war and save America from the life of poverty. This sacrifice includes leaving their loved ones, possibility of starving, losing their hope, and faith. Also watching a friend be killed in such gruesome ways that if they do come back they are haunted with the horrid memories and flashbacks. These men and women need to be recognized more than they are. Without these men and women our country would be in trouble and danger. Without these men and women where would our world be? It would be in a horrible condition. For example, my grandpa was in the vietnam war. He was injured very bad. He was shot in the field by a war enemy sniper 6 t...
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