American Romanticism

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Hi,I am a student at wayne county high school and i’m a junior here,well,when you receive this i’ll be a senior.Your teachers will be giving you probably the same assessment that they given me,have fun.To me romanticism is a very difficult and hard to understand unit,like i said before have fun.There are many great books,novels,poems,plays,screen writes,etc. that are in romanticism,but the ones that i’m about to talk about are to me the best so far that i have done,by now you guys might not have these or you have done them already or,you guys are waiting for answers sleeping in class while your teacher is talking to the class,sounds like me.Anyways this is all you need to know for the fear of this unit. To begin this,lets talk about one of the three stories i’ll be telling you about.First will be “The Last Of The Mohicans” made by James Fenimore Cooper. This story is a great example of romanticism in many characteristics.This story takes place around the french and indian war,when the united states were still ruled by britain.If you have watched the movie or read the book then skip down to where i talk about the characteristics of it.Now the story is based on two mohican indians and a white son they adopted named nathaniel.They soon rescue three people a british officer and two young girls.They find themselves struggling to get them to safety and try to help them get back home.In turns of events,the young mohican indian uncas was killed trying to save one the young girls.She was in love with him and targicly fell to her death to be with him.Then the last mohican and nathaniel killed magwa and made sure he was finsihed.The story ends with all of them looking into the valley and wondering what the future will hold.Now your probab... ... middle of paper ... ...a silence deep and white” (Line,4) they are talking about how the white snow is beautiful and, how it looks like to me this is a love of nature to some maybe not.Last one is Intuition over fact in this quote “Father,who makes the snow?” (Line,22) says his daughter, “And told of the good All father” (Line,23) and lastly “Who cares for us here below” (Line,24) he is talking about and all father which i believe he is talking about god,and this is a great characteristic for this poem. So the romanticism period was a time of new ideas,dark sometimes and sometimes romantic but it really isn’t romantic,so enjoy the unit there are many stories that are in this unit,the romanticism period started in the 1800’s and ended in 1850 it brought many new ideas to american literature and helped shape the way into literature. Hope the best, Anonymous ℅ 2015 :P
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