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The American Revolution was a political upheaval that greatly influenced the society we have today. A series of events that lasted from 1765 through 1783 affected how and why the American Revolution occurred. American colonists had been living under English control, which was the greatest and most powerful nation at the time, but after a while the colonist’s opinions on the English's way of government and ruling changed. Even though all of these events affected the colonists and their opinions, there were three main occurrences that caused colonists to decide to separate from England. These events were the Boston Massacre of 1770, The Intolerable Acts of 1774, and the French and Indian War that lasted from 1756 through 1763. The French and …show more content…

The Intolerable Acts were a set of laws passed by Parliament as punishment for the Boston Tea Party and consisted of the Boston Port Act and the Massachusetts Government Act. The Boston Port Act closed trade and ports in all of Boston, which was a big downfall for the colony of Massachusetts because it was one of the most famous and richest colonies for its diversity in trade. The Massachusetts Government Act declared colonies to be under full control of Parliament and that no government meetings be held without the permission of the king or British officials. This act was similar to an act that had already been passed by Parliament after the Stamp Act was abolished, which also stated that England had full control of the 13 colonies. This angered the colonists because it proved once again, that the 13 colonies had no control or voice in the decisions of how the colonies were to be ruled. After the Intolerable Acts were enforced on the colonies, the Second Continental Congress meeting was held in which the Declaration of Independence was written and the delegates declared the American Revolutionary war had

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  • Explains that the american revolution was a political upheaval that greatly influenced the society we have today.
  • Explains that the french and indian war occurred from 1756 through 1763 and was fought over custody of land and trade west of the appalachian mountains.
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