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626 words

The American Revolution was worth the wage of are independence. Which was fought between the American colonies and the British. Which ended with a massive amount of war and deaths. In addition to that a lot of political ideas happen. Not to mention revolts and military forces that was trained and assembled at this time to fight for freedom and independence around the world. The American Revolution had multiple amounts of political, diplomatic, and military reasons for why the U.S, won the war. As well as the intolerable act, The Treaty of Paris, and Marquis De La Fayette ideas which impact the war as well as Georgia Washington. Around the time of 1774 Boston had multitude of political problem spreading throughout the city. Boston had problems with their ports, Boston was good for trading because they were near the ocean. Therefore a lot of boycotts against the imports and exports of goods that enter through the ports of Boston. Which lead to one of our historical event Boston Tea Party which was one of the major event that happened act the port of Boston. Furthermore the people of Boston had a problem with the Quartering act. Which was a name given to at least two Demonstrations of English Parliament in the neighborhood administrations of the American settlements to give the English troopers any required lodging and rest they needed. Which was a …show more content…

The Treaty of Paris in 1781 was an agreement between the United States and Great Britain which ended the war. Even though there were more examples of diplomacies during the American Revolution. The Treaty of Paris in 1781 stood out more, because it is the symbol of our freedom, independence, and convergence with the opposing forces. Those who were apart of writing the documents was a group of delegates named John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry Laurens. They all signed the document and was a part of the Continental

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the american revolution was worth the wage of independence. it had multiple political, diplomatic, and military reasons for why the u.s. won the war.
  • Explains that boston had a multitude of political problems spreading throughout the city. the boston tea party was one of the major events that happened in the port of boston.
  • Explains that the treaty of paris in 1781 was an agreement between the united states and great britain which ended the war.
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