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465 words

John Adams believed that the America Revolution was in the mind and the heart of the American people. The war for independence was part of it but it was not solely to the America Revolution. By 1815 the United States defeated England twice; one to secure independence, then second time to defend its honor. This was the two great superpowers of the world England and France went to war in 1754. It was the first global conflict known as the Seven Years War or the French and Indian War. England won the war in 1763 but it was tremendous financial and human cost. In an effort to replenish its depleted Treasury Great Britain decided to impose a series of taxes on the colonist to help pay for their own defense. English eyes this seemed fair but to the American colonist this was new and …show more content…

His ability to keep the army together against insurmountable odds made a difference. In 1781 he led a combined American French army that supported the French Navy against the British at Yorktown, Virginia. The treaty of peace was signed with Great Britain in 1783 in which England relinquished the 13 American colonies. The key issues were determining if they were 13 independent nations or one united states. States were taxing each other, there was land disputes, congress was ineffective, there was no strong executive or leadership in essence it became a mess. In 1787 it was agreed that delegates from the 13 states would figure out how to fix the loose framework of the article of confederation. The members of the Constitutional convention established a new framework of the government in the US constitution. Between 1783 and 1787 the United States was a failing states. Although the constitution solved the demotic issues, the international situation was still complicated. The united states became caught between England and France who were constantly in war. By June 1812 American honor was at

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that john adams believed that the america revolution was in the mind and the heart of the american people.
  • Explains that the united states was a failing state between 1783 and 1787. it was caught between england and france who were constantly in war. the american navy scored numerous victories over the british.
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