American Revolution Causes

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Often times throughout history, a similar pattern occurs just about every time when a colony grows restless with the guidelines its host country has to offer. When these colonies reach their breaking point, they arbitrate to hold a revolution. Between the years 1765-1775, the tension between America and Britain would reach its toll. The most important causes leading the Americans to their revolution were the Townshend Acts, the Boston Massacre, and the Intolerable Acts. The British had grown desperate to sustaining revenue from America. As a result of the failure of their previously enacted Stamp Act, the British government minister Charles Townshend ratified the Townshend Acts in 1767. This act supported adding indirect taxes on imported materials from Britain such as glass, lead, paint, and paper; not to mention an added tax the most popular drink in the colonies – tea. Unsurprisingly, the colonists backlashed this act with rage and preached, “Taxation without representation,” to defy the act. Once again similar to the …show more content…

Simultaneously on March 5 1772 a brawl erupted over the availability of jobs. Consequently a mob had congregated around the customs house in Boston, where a British sentry stood on duty. One of the protesters hurled an insult at the red-coat sentry, calling him a “lobster-back.” At this moment a sailor named Crispus Attucks, along with a group of infuriated laborers arrived at the scene. A laborer, ignoring Attucks orders not to shoot did so anyways which prompted the gunshots from other laborers, and an inevitable reaction from the British. With this brief quarry, Attucks was the first to die along with four others. Under those circumstances, Samuel Adams labeled the faceoff the Boston Massacre. Undoubtedly, he and other colonial agitators would portray this event to the public as a monstrous attack from the British onto poor defenseless

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  • Analyzes how the tension between america and britain reached its toll between 1765-1775. the townshend acts, the boston massacre, and the intolerable acts led the americans to their revolution.
  • Explains how the british government ratified the townshend acts in 1767, which supported indirect taxes on imported materials from britain.
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