American Reality Television Music Competitions.

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Something that is really famous especially in the United States are the Reality Music Competitions. This essay is about The X Factor, The American Idol, and The Voice.

The X Factor USA was created by Simon Cowell. The show consists of four main stages. It all starts with the auditions. Any person or band can audition, and if at least half of the judges say yes, then the person goes to next stage, but if they say no, the contestant goes home. The next stage is the bootcamp. There, they compete against other contestants. On the bootcamp, the judges separate the contestants into groups (kids and teenagers, bands, age 16-24, and 25 above). The next stage is the “judge’s house”. There, the judges invite one celebrity to help them decide who is going to the next stage after watching a performance in their houses. The last stage are the live shows. After the contestants had shown that they really know how to sing, they go to a stage where they have to perform to a live audition. In that stage, they eliminate some people in each episode until it has only three contestants. On the final episode, they say who gets third place, and finally the two finalists compete against each other, and the winner gets a prize. Until the year 2014, the prize was a US$5 million recording contract, but now, the prize changed, and the winner receives US$5 million cash, and financial support to help him/her manage his/her money over five years. Some examples of people or groups who went to The X Factor and got famous are One Direction who went to the X Factor UK, just like Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, Emblem3, who now are on tour with their new album Nothing to Lose, Fifth Harmony, and more.
Another reality competition that is also famous is the American Idol. A...

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...most famous music reality competition in The United States. It helps people to reach their dreams, and a lot of talentes are discovered through those shows.

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