American Public School System Is Responsible For The Future Success Of The Nation- Educational Reform

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America is currently facing a challenge that is detrimental to the future success of the nation- Educational Reform. This challenge is precipitated by the indication that our American Public School System is failing as a whole. Presently, “The United States ranks fourteenth out of the forty countries that were ranked in the same category...and ranks twenty-fourth in literacy, out of the sixty-five educational systems ranked, with the average reading literacy score for U.S. fifteen year old students being 498 points (out of 1000 possible points).” (, 2015) With the future of the nation so heavily reliant on the success of the younger generation and the role they take in society, it is generally agreed upon that a change in the United States educational system is critically needed. However, before we make haste to refine and reform American Education, I first advise that we would do well to ask ourselves “What is Education?” Sociologists define Education as, “A social institution that transmits attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, values, norms, and skills to its members through formal systematic training.” (Benokratis,2015) Yet despite the many essential benefits that education offers, “only 34% of Americans today, have a great deal of confidence in our Public School Systems.” (Benokratis, 2015) In this paper, I am going to begin with defining certain key terms necessary in establishing the premise of this paper, followed by a further evaluation of the National Standards that are currently in operation in the American Public School Systems. Thus Further indicating on why I find it difficult to give credence that these current national standards and high-stakes testing assessments are actually beneficial to o... ... middle of paper ... ...low grade on these assessments, to the students they come to be not solely a test, but now a “High-Stakes Test.” To finish, is Accountability. Accountability is the process of requiring students to demonstrate mastery of the topics they study as measured by standardized assessments (High-Stakes Tests), as well as holding educators at all levels responsible for students’ performance. Reform efforts focusing on standards, testing, and accountability are influencing our schools curriculums and classroom instruction because the students are expected to meet the standards that have been put into place, and high-stakes testing are being used to ensure that they do, the standards are influencing the curriculum by dictating what is being taught. And as a result direct methods of instruction that focus explicitly on the standards are now becoming ever more predominant.”

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