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November 1908, William Taft won the presidential election and assumed office in March of 1909. Before his presidency he was on his way to his dream job of a spot on the Supreme Court. Roosevelt selected Taft to be Secretary of war in 1904 and later pushed Taft to finish out his progressive ideas while Taft held presidency. Not only was Taft pushed to run for office by Roosevelt but also his wife, Helen Herron (Nellie) Taft. Taft was not nearly as aggressive as Roosevelt liked, and in the election of 1912 Roosevelt ran again against Taft. Taft’s platform in the election of 1912 consisted of women's suffrage, the environment, taking America off the gold standard, and lowering the tariffs. In the end Taft was not very efficacious in his reelection.
Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio September 15, 1857 into a prominent political family. He went to a private school and then attended Yale University. While at the University, “he joined the now-notorious secret society Skull and Bones, which his father co-founded in 1832.” After Yale he attended the University of Cincinnati of Law. In 1880 Taft was admitted into the Ohio State Bar Association. Shortly after he joined the Ohio State Bar Association in 1880 he, “wooed a schoolhood chum of his only sister, Frances: Helen "Nellie" Herron, whom Taft had met at a sledding party”1 she later became his wife and they had three children together. Before Taft was elected into office he served in public and foreign offices. Taft's first public office was, “as Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor, in 1881. Then, at age 30, he served as judge on the Superior Court in Cincinnati for three years, before being appointed Solicitor General of the United States in 1890.” Taft always joked...

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...rved on the Supreme Court from 1921 to 1930. He shortly died after in Washington D.C.

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