American Presence on German Culture

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In February of 1945, an unconditional surrender was written up, and to be presented to the successor of Adolf Hitler. Admiral Karl Doenitz signed this surrender in May of 1945 at the Yalta conference where Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill would identify a means to the end. At the time, Admiral Doenitz had his military commanders assume the government positions in Germany until a new government was later established. The agreements outlined in the surrender at the Potsdam Conference between July and August of 1945 were later fulfilled since no peace conference was held to further diagram the future of Germany. The agreement at the Yalta conference is what eventually shaped the outcome of Germany’s future from that point forward, and outlined the division of Germany between the allied nations to which it surrendered. Russia immediately took considerable reparations from Germany, while the United States, Britain, and France claimed no reparations at the time. Britain acted on behalf of France, for the entirety of these negotiations. Eventually, the Allied Forces would come to an agreement on restitution. Britain laid its claim, and America too chose a form of restitution in the approximate amount of twenty billion dollars in equipment and goods over a specified period. After the Yalta conference, Russia took possession of the countries that they liberated during the war. East Germany was among the countries now controlled by the communist government of Russia. The problem with this was that when Russia pulled away from these countries, the aid almost immediately gave way, causing the neighboring countries now under Russia’s regime to suffer, and in turn fall into depressions. If the communist reign... ... middle of paper ... ...ld/countries/germany.html. “Germany: An occupied nation”. The Cold War. ©2008 James Paul & Martin Spirit. “The Dark Side of German Reunification”. Global News Journal. 29 September 2010. “The Berlin Wall”. 2005-2014. “Military Bases in Germany”. ©1998-2012 “This Day in History”. A&E Television Networks, LLC. ©1996-2014. Mann, Delbert, Dir. “The Night Crossing”. Walt Disney Productions. 1982. Film. Jordan, Gregor, Dir. “Buffalo Soldiers”. Odeon Film AG, 1998. Film. Rietman, Ivan, Dir. “Stripes”. Columbia Pictures Corporation, 1981. Film.
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