American Nurses Association Code Of Ethics: Ethical Decision Making In Nursing

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Ethical Decision Making
Nursing has been said to be one of the most trustworthy professions and I am honored to be a part of it. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics provides the foundation for an ethical workplace. Of course there are good and bad in all professions; stealing, addictions, inappropriate or inadequate patient care are just a few of the unethical practices that can occur in a hospital or other healthcare setting. Nurses receive a moderately high salary as compared to some other professions and I am sure some people enter the field because of the pay rate, but the majority of nurses choose the profession because of a desire to help people. Financial gain is definitely not what matters most to the majority of nurses as
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I question the current practice of large hospitals creating healthcare systems by buying out small community hospitals. I feel as though the corporate system of the large hospital acted unethically in closing the small community hospitals, leaving many people without the accessible healthcare they had grown to trust. Although hospital systems are considered non-profit, I agree that economic gain plays a major role in decision making. I know that the Chief Financial Officer has questioned the physician about the decrease in administration of certain high cost biotherapy medications; the fact that we were not currently treating any patients who would benefit from the medication seemed like an afterthought. Competition forces managers to utilize the media in order to appeal to the consumer by portraying that a treatment is only available at a specific institution when, in reality, the treatment is available in several institutions throughout the city. Business can be like a game one plays to win as evidenced by the fact that our small infusion area was just renamed with the nationally recognized name of another cancer center. The services and staff at our institution have not changed and our patients have always been referred to clinical

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