American Military And The Social And Economic Life Of The Americans

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World War II brought many changes to the American military and the social and economic life of the Americans. The Great Depression officially ended with the start of America’s entrance into the war and many lives were changed during wartime. The military needed to update the weapons and technology used in combat. The image shows a group of women, in casual clothes, working on an aircraft. Before the war, it was unusual for women to have any type of job involving manual labor. However, as more men joined the military, the traditional domestic male labor force was depleted. The Second World War created the need for more advanced weaponry for the military and a higher need for women in the work force, giving them a new social status. The idea of women in the workforce, doing manual labor, was one that society was constantly rejecting. However, in World War II, with the majority of men fighting, women were called to action. The number of women in the industrial workforce increased by 60% when the US entered WWII. Employers started spending extra money on large assembly lines to ease women into the industry. Domestic analogies were used to instruct the freshly hired women in their new jobs. Cutting metal to make the wings of an airplane was compared cutting material to make clothing and mixing chemicals was compared the baking a cake. These analogies made women feel more comfortable with the task and helped inspire more women to join the workforce. However, nothing was as persuasive as “Rosie the Riveter” in recruiting more women into factory jobs. Rosie symbolized the new importance of females in the workplace and through this newfound importance; they joined unions and erased the prejudice against working mothers (Brinkley, 740-741... ... middle of paper ... ...ficial end to the Great Depression. The women in the picture are working on a military-grade aircraft that will be used in the war. Airplanes were an extremely effective way to fight the war and helped to secure an Ally victory in World War II. Some felt this social revolution should cease was when the war ended and returning soldiers expected women to stay at home with the children. The gender roles were more enforced directly after the war ended, in the late 1940’s. However, within the next ten years, women began to ease back into the workforce. The work of women at industrial factories from WWII helped women get jobs in the next decade and beyond (Women and Work After World War II). World War II affected the social lives of the American women and children, assisted in stabilizing the US economy, and was a cause for new technological advancements in the military.

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