American Labor Unions Must Fight Globalization

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Globalization is taking its toll on the American work force. “In the 1980’s, globalization hurt blue-collar America,” (Steven Greenhouse, 2008) this was due to the vast amount of imported steel, autos, machinery, and electronics. It is now the twenty-first century. Globalization is not only affecting blue-collar workers, but has extended its reach to white-collar workers. Jobs are being lost in America as corporations move production, and/or outsource jobs to low-wage producing countries. It is estimated over 7.9 million jobs have been lost this year, and some of these jobs will never return. This is corporation’s philosophy on how to cut cost, which in-turn translates into a larger profit margin. Because of these extensive job losses, the American work force needs to act now. Unions are the “backbone and strong-hold” of the American worker, and they have to take control. Because of globalization, unions must start now to organize internationally in order to protect workers jobs, wages, and rights world-wide. The Strategy In order for unions to organize across borders, all unio...
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