American Impressionism In The Art Of Childe Hassam

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“I was always interested in the movements of humanity in the street... There is nothing so interesting to me as people. I am never tired of observing them in everyday life, as they hurry through the streets on business or saunter down the promenade on pleasure” (Hassam 1). Childe Hassam, an American Impressionist, created influencing and moving paintings which had attained critical recognition and financial triumph, journeying the massive movement of ardor for American Impressionism to glory and prosperity. He conceived over 2,000 inspirational oils, watercolors, pastels, and illustrations, and 400 etchings and other prints. Hassam created paintings portraying magnificent modern cities as well as the pastoral charms of the countryside, and …show more content…

Although the colors used makes one feel slightly tedious and gloomy, some of the colors have an appealing look to them. They are a mix of warm and cold because it includes traces of red, green, blue, yellow, pink, white, and black, which makes it seem like the painting could be true in real life. The artist used curved lines, which are both thin and thick. The lines make the scene look marginally unreal, but at the same time, they make like the image look like it could have occurred. The light is natural light from the sun and is quite bright. It highlights shadows from the buildings, which contribute to the three-dimensional …show more content…

For the ground and the sky, the texture strokes are broad, circular, and conspicuous. For the buildings, however, the strokes are thin, defined, and are relatively unseen. The shapes formed are circular and rounded because of the brushstrokes, but the buildings are rectangular and three dimensional. All of the figures in the painting are geometric. The buildings and the people are the positive space because they are the subject of the imagery, and the ground and sky are the negative space because they surround the subject. The painting certainly looks three-dimensional with the buildings, building shadows, and sky reflections. The portrait makes one feel slightly dreary and cheerless with the color choices and rain allusions. Nonetheless, it also makes one feel fascinated to the painting in a way that they cannot take their eyes off it, especially the ground with the sky

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