American History X

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Throughout America’s history, there have always been issues between the white race and other races, mainly the black race. These problems in history have always and may always be questionable on whether they are right or wrong. Up until this very day, everyone seems to have their own opinion to this question; should the white race reign over America, the minorities, or should we all just live together in harmony. The truth of the matter is that not only does this affect social relationships, but also political affairs which affects where we stand now in this “United Nation”. Political campaigns get altered and misrepresented, because of this battle between races. The video that my friends and I chose to watch is titled “American History X”, which is based on the clash between the whites and blacks. Being only under ten years old, the video is a perfect example of how people, even after the Civil Rights Acts and the freeing of slaves, still think today. The video demonstrates how skinheads go up against the minorities attempting to spread the word of “white power” through riots and other violent acts. Although it may seem like this video has nothing to do with politics, it in fact ties in perfectly with it. It provides a brief explanation as in why we’ve never had a black president, and why there’s so much criticism dealing with the presidential candidate Barak Obama.

Looking left to right, I see discrimination amongst us everywhere. Schools, shopping malls, and even at our jobs; it is truly unavoidable. Everyone has their own beliefs in which they are entitled to, but some people take it beyond the comfort zone. In American History X, I saw discrimination to its full potential with the brutal murder of three young black men by ...

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...nd different beliefs greatly influence who we choose to stand with and who we would like to vote for. It is all a race for superiority just like the D.O.C. and the Crypts, with opinions changing from time to time. Even though there will always be a constant struggle between whites, black, Hispanics, etc, we cannot simply dislike a person and judge them by their skin color, or race. As in the movie, in politics we should all listen to what each candidate has to offer and not rule them out. It’s just like the saying that I’m sure we’ve all heard at some point in our lives “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. My friends and I completely agree with that saying and everything else in this paper. The movie was indeed graphic, but not meaningless. We recommend this movie to anyone who pursues an explanation as to why some people act the way they do and how they can be changed.