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433 words

American football is an amazing sport and should be added into the 2016 summer Olympics for many reasons. Some of these reasons are that football is a simple sport which also has some strategy, another reason is the history of football is very interesting, the last reason is that the popularity of the sport has grown significantly over the past few years outside of the United States. Did you know that football was invented on November, 12, 1892? According to football was introduced to our world on November, 12, 1892. This shows that football has been in this world for more than 124 years. According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame William “Pudge” Hefflefinger was the first ever proffessional football player in the world. Since …show more content…

According to 100 million people watched the Superbowl this year. That means in just America 1oo million people watched two teams play a game of football, and did you know 38 million people outside of the U.S watched it too.. According to american football is enjoyed world-wide and many types are played. The game is different over many different countries but is still played and have the basic concept. Some people say american football shouldn’t be added to the olympics because not a lot of countries play it. That’s not true because according to more than forty countries in the world play american football. Some of these countries are, France, India,Germany,Thailand, and even Japan. Those were some of the countries that play American football. Did you know that Robert Griffin III,and Sebastian Vollmer are from foreign countries?
In this speech I told you why football should be added into the olympics. The sport is fun and simple and is played all over the world, and the description of american football, when it was invented and how popular the sport is. This is why American football should be added into the

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that american football is an amazing sport and should be added to the 2016 summer olympics for many reasons.
  • Explains that according to the pro football hall of fame william "pudge" hefflefinger was the first proffessional football player in the world.
  • Explains that american football is a fun, simple, and easy to play sport. the rules are simple but the game is also strategic.
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