American Exceptionalism

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“When we examine the meaning of Americanism, we discover that Americanism is to the American not a tradition or a territory, not what France is to a Frenchman or England to an Englishman, but a doctrine—what socialism is to a socialist. Like socialism, Americanism is looked upon ... as a highly attenuated, conceptualized, platonic, impersonal attraction toward a system of ideas”(ACSC, 63). Although this quote by Samson is biased toward his radial views, it is important to realize that throughout the world this is how the world audience looks upon American exceptionalism. Throughout its inception, its freedoms have lured many people from vast lifestyles with the promise of the “American Dream”. This dream has become the bedrock for how the country operates and how the American people go about their day-to-day lives. This nationalism not only fuels the nationalism throughout the population, but is projected in foreign policy set forth throughout the world. These policies have nurtured relationships with countless nations often setting in place new governments and economic development across the globe. Although Americanism in its purist form is focused on good, it is important to note that the perception is sometimes stronger that reality. To shed light on this subject we will examine how many aspects of American culture such as Geography, Religion, and Nationalism the foreign community perceives in both a positive and negative light. When examining the relationship of the theory of exceptionalism of the United States of America and its relationship with the rest of the world it is greatly important to examine the issue from the Macro to Micro level. Simply put you must first examine the isolated geography of the U.S. comp... ... middle of paper ... ... allegiance. Throughout its history, the USA has been in the spotlight of the world. Due to its unique geographic location and resources, it has been a leader on the economic stage allowing a major presence in international commerce and affairs. However due to the diverse nature of its people and religious background, sometimes its policies in regards to foreign and domestic matters give the impression of a elitist nation with its own agenda. The truth about American exceptionalism is simple; it is in fact no different from any other countries with one exception. When you are looked upon as the most powerful nation in the world, more scrutiny is placed upon you and your views. It is important for the US to clearly communicate its message in a worldly fashion, in order to prevent from the perception of the world to become construed as the reality.
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