American Dream Essay

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My American Dream is either being on the silver screen or eating breakfast in Monaco, jumping on a plane, and landing in California in time for lunch. I plan to be living out my dream as either an actress or an international traveler. The thought of being stuck in one place for the rest of my life- working a nine-to-five job with people that I have come to strongly detest makes me physically sick. I’m positive that if I were ever in that situation I would lose my mind and come up with crazy scenarios for myself such as Gatsby. I feel as though my life lacks adventure and if I were to become an actress or traveler, my life would be so full of adventures and stories to tell that people would get sick of me. The problem with my dreams, however, is that neither of the things I want to do are easy. It’s not simple to be an actress because so many things go into the entertainment business, and traveling requires money and transportation. What am I to do in those situations? How do I plan to get to where I want to go? I plan to put myself out there. Auditions, casting calls, maybe even th...
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