American Dream Definition

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The American Dream can be defined in many different ways, but in general it is the freedom to reach one’s goal and the ability to rise to fame and prosperity if one works hard enough for it. Life should be better, richer, and fuller for everyone with the opportunity for achievement regardless of social class of circumstance of birth. (America Day Dreamer) These three points on how to achieve the American Dream are that all men are created equal, we are endowed by out creator with certain rights, and we have the opportunity to make individual choices without prior restrictions. Some Americans have said that the American Dream has started from the beginning in the Declaration of Independence, where the basic idea is that every man regardless where they are from should be treated equally and recognized by other for what they are and have reached. To make the American Dream come true all Americans have to learn to work together. The American Dream can be for each American no matter what their class, religion, sex, or race. Most people have lost trust because they never reached their g...
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