American Dream

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He grew up in Poquonnock Bridge, Groton with a small childhood home. Bruce L. Stevens II is the son Mary Rowley and Bruce L. Stevens Senior born on November 16 1942 at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut. The sound of cries filled his childhood when his father went missing in action in World War II. His mother was living paycheck to pay check trying to raise her kids. Joy finally came back into his life when his mother decided that she was going to marry the man who promised Bruce Senior that he would take care of them if anything happen to him in the war. His dream was to one day own his own incorporation. So instead of going to college he decided he was going right into the job field. He worked at EB as marine draftsman with a starting salary of $1,400 salary. At the same time he was all taking college classes in order to continue into the marine draftsman career. He started SMCO, but that company did not get far due to a lack of no contracts. He then worked for Taurio, which was a combination of his zodiac sign and his friends. He had majority of the em...
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