American Colonists: Declaring Their Independence

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Imagine everything that is said is heard in a British accent. It sounds funny now, but that's how it could have been if the colonists had never declared their independence from England. That isn't what happened though. Grievances were made, events came to pass, and the Declaration of Independence was written. Taking a look at the documents from that time, as well as treatment of other colonies by the British one can see that the colonists were completely justified in declaring their independence from England. While the colonists had many grievances surrounding King George III the strongest grievance was his plan “To force colonist to buy English products” he had Parliament place high taxes on goods from other countries. The key word from the grievance is “force”. To force requires taking away some of a person's freedom. In this case the colonists were losing their freedom of choice. Independence is synonymous with freedom and its something that the colonists wanted back. Colonists were also already low on money, and the taxes were making them even poorer, because English goods we...
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