American Civil War

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Section A:
The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the factors that led to the American Civil War. The investigation will be separated into three different factors, economics, politics and social. Also it will cover the difference of economy in the northern and southern sides of America. The dissimilarity of the political parties each side follows, plus the problem of slavery which led to social injustice were a major factor that led to the Civil War. These social, political and economical reasons were the main cause of tension that was faced between the union and confederacy that led to the civil war. This investigation will contain an evaluation of the origin, purpose, value, and limitations of two documents used for research: The Social Dimensions of the U.S. Civil War by Mark Grimsley and Cultures in Conflict--the American Civil War written by Steven E. Woodworth.
Section B:
American Civil War:
• The American Civil War started in 1861 and ended at1865. It was caused from very old sectional disparities and questions that were not completely resolved when the Constitution of the United States was approved in 1789. Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth president of America; He was the president that solved the issue of slavery in the USA. The civil war causes and affects through politics, economics and social issues.
• Northern side was better than the south economically; there was a huge gap between both sides. Resources and manufacturing was provided more to the northern side. Two party lines in America, republicans and democrats. This difference caused tension between the sides (Woodworth).
• Economically the north was better than the south. The southerners relied a lot on slavery and cotton (Grimsley).
• Inve...

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...fferences between the south and the north, all things led back to the issue of slavery. The north's economy was not reliant on slavery in comparison to the south that needed slaves in terms of agriculture usage. The country was divided because of political division; this is because when a territory wanted to become a state there was an issue over whether slavery would be allowed. This would cause tension in congress. During the 1860's the issue of slavery lean towards a social issue with northerners believing it was un-humane to enslave a human. For example famous abolitionist like John Brown and Fredrick Douglass had led movements to end slavery. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln's election proved that the country was heading in a direction where slavery would be abolished, the south disagreeing with this decided to succeed in 1861 leading to the start of the civil war.
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