American Citizenship Should Be A Birthright

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American Citizenship Should Be a Birthright The United States is one of the countries in the world with the most liberal citizenship system. The United States in the birth of citizenship issues on the birthplace of the principle, known as the "landing nationality" principle. That is, all babies born in the United States are automatically become US citizens. Citizenship birthright is a controversial topic, usually associated with illegal immigrants. An illegal immigrant is defined as a person that has entered the country without official authorization such as an immigrant visa ("Illegal Immigrant Law & Legal Definition"). He or she is a person that crosses the border by avoiding inspection and overstays in the country by extending the period allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. Legal scholars in the USA refer to the concept of birthright citizenship as “Jus soli,” which means that people born in the country have “the right of soil.” The people who born in the country have “the right of soil”, this fundamental right was promulgated through the establishment of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and accept in 1986. There have been several arguments against this law due to the high influx of illegal and unauthorized immigrants due to the dysfunctional immigration system. Many people suggest that the solution to this problem is to reinterpret and amend the Fourteenth Amendment, stating that this right encourages foreigners to enter and remain in the country illegally. However, some people strongly oppose this idea, that will let the country become chaotic cause harm. Nevertheless, the authors of the Constitution of the United States created the fundamental right of citizenship, and it should be upheld in the per... ... middle of paper ... ...nity to become American citizens regardless of their parents, ancestry, or place of origin. There have been a lot of debates about the immigration issue behind the presidential candidate of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (Somin). He suggested building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico that would ban Hispanics from entering the United States. However, the impact of such actions and any other action to expel illegal immigrants could be harmful and lead to a decline in trade between the United States and Mexico, which makes a significant contribution to the US economy. There is no specific motive that should lead to the abolition of the Fourteenth Amendment, and the government should strive to solve pending issues instead of blaming them on immigrants who work and contribute to the stability and prosperity of the American nation.
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