American Beauty

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1a) Jane is an angry, insecure, confused teenage girl who resents her parents. She is a more reserved person and is trying to find her way through her early life. As most typical American middle class teenager, she values her appearance more than anything; a jealous individual, though she may be a reserved individual, her feelings of jealousy are made apparent throughout the movie and seem to be a root to her anger. Due to her insecurities she doesn’t consider herself attractive enough and is considering going through breast augmentation surgery. Jane seems to be seeking outside approval be it from anyone due to the parental neglect that she faces as well as the envy she feels towards her, “prettier” amateur model, best friend Angela. Jane’s idea of the American dream is to look like Angela and to live a financially comfortable life, however not be as sad as her parents; she doesn’t know what happiness is. Moreover, it is made apparent that Jane used to be close with her father at one point; however, her relationship with Lester has dwindled away. Though what infuriates Jane is the fact that her father has fallen for her Angela, who Lester gives more attention to than his own daughter. “JANE
I need a father who's a role model, not some horny geek-boy who's gonna spray his shorts whenever I bring a girlfriend home from school. What a lame-o. Somebody really should put him out of his misery.”

1b) Jane’s character strengthens by the end of the movie. Developing her relationship with Ricky changes her gradually her gloomy mood as he actually pays attention to her and wants to greater know who she is. Meanwhile, the mysterious character, Ricky Fitts, fascinates her. She feels attracted towards him because of complex views on the wor...

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...d what do you see?
RICKY Beauty.”
In the end, the voice of the deceased Lester explains that in the moment he dies, his life flashes before him, and it seems to go on forever. He then acknowledges how grateful for his life and the fact that in the end he finally did what made him happy which in result gave him the chance to feel alive again. Though, his relationship with his wife and daughter, prior to his death, was awful, he is happy that he had the opportunity years before to love his wife and daughter and wished he could have made them happy.
2d) The film’s perspective on the mainstream American Dream is that everyone is searching for happiness and success, though often they don’t know where to look. Subsequently those who cant find happiness cling to something that in the past, made them happy, and that stops one from ever finding true freedom and happiness.
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