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The scenario I picked is the first one, involving Mrs. W., who has traits of an alcoholic. Her mother is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Mrs. W.’s family has a history of alcoholism; Mrs. W’s husband is also an alcoholic. Mrs. W. has a history of struggling to control her drinking. This is not a good situation for their daughter, who is 6 years old. The daughter will see her parent’s out of control drinking, and it will mentally and emotionally affect her. I feel this family needs family therapy, along with individual therapy for both parents. Alcoholism effects the family as a unit, and every individual in the family. Per the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), “addiction has the power to destroy a family” ( The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that there are 18 million alcoholics in the United States alone (; Because of this number of alcoholics in the United States, there are 26.8 million children exposed to alcoholism because of their family ( The AAMFT also states that “it is often difficult to determine whether the problems a child is having are directly linked to parental alcoholism, separate, or a combination” ( Therefore, my therapeutic approach with this family would be eclectic, taking from 3 different theories for the therapeutic experience: Bowenian family systems theory and therapy, reality therapy, and existential therapy. To begin the process of healing for this family, therapy is essential. The first ideal I would consider effective for this family would be the Bowenian theory about family systems therapy. There are 8 core concepts of his theory, with 2 anecdotes that relate to the theory. The core concepts are... ... middle of paper ... ... final ideal I would use with this family would be death is significant. If both Mrs. and Mr. W. keep drinking like they do now and they do not get sober, they will likely die before they meet their grandchildren. Alcoholism is extremely hard on the body. Also, the longer they drink and do not get sober, the more likely it is that child W. will be an alcoholic later in life, which shortens her life span as well. Overall, no matter what techniques I use with family W., there will be a long road to recovery for this family. Both Mrs. W. and Mr. W. need to get sober, and child W. needs to realize her parents drinking is not her fault. There will be trauma unearthed and I would find out the reasons for Mr. and Mrs. W.’s excessive drinking. With the help of AA and Mrs. W’s mother, the 3 techniques I picked would be most effective to start this family’s healing process.
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