America 's Working Class During The Nineteenth Century

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In the early nineteenth century, America’s working class suffered greatly by working in sweatshop conditions for unlivable wages on a seventy hour work week. The work place was dangerous and labor laws were unregulated. Instead of going to school, children were running heavy machinery where they could possibly lose a limb or lose a life. The elderly would work right up until they dropped dead on the factory floor. The relentless hours left many sleep deprived and starving. If workers could not keep up with the high demands, they would be fired and then easily replaced. It seemed that there was no hope for the average worker to make a profit and there were certainly no opportunities for him to climb any kind of corporate ladder. For the average worker, this was the reality right up until the average workers unified to stand up and fight for their rights. It is important to me and to all of our futures, that my peers know the relevancy, vitality, and importance of labor unions in today’s economy so that we can have the best chance to pursue our goals and reach economic equality for our generation and the next. A union is a way people band together to protect and help one another. The main function of a labor union is to negotiate the terms of employment with management to ensure the employee’s rights are respected. Union Officials will bargain to determine the wages for workers and to settle other worker-related issues, such as health benefits, overtime compensation, and company policy. When unified, there is order, values, strength, and vitality in the work force. Without labor unions, poor wages, terrible working conditions, and harsh treatment by management would go unaddressed leading to chaos like it had in the past. Unions al... ... middle of paper ... ...d with respect and protected when they come to work. With a contract the employee will not be taken advantage of or overworked with no gain for them. My peers, I ask you to consider how labor unions will protect your best interest in the work force. They will fight for you and help you to reach your goals all while protecting you. Labor unions will go to action if negotiations aren’t had and compromises aren’t made. As part of a labor union, you will know that you have a security blanket and that your brothers and sisters have your back. Union members can be assured they will never be taken advantage of or bullied by the employers. If you are ever dissatisfied with wages, working conditions, or treatment by supervisors, you will always be heard and represented. Union participation is our economies only hope at equality and there is nothing more important than that.

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